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Unfired clay, watercolor, fingernail polish

An series of 10 Eggheads were made in 1970. All but this one are in private collections


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Green Dragon
High-fired clay, lime-green glaze

In private collection.

Wallina Project

Cement, tile, grout

Created as a senior art project in high school, this 8 foot alligator can still be found at Harbor High School in Santa Cruz, California

Clay Planter Pot

Planting Pot
High-fired clay

Coil method ceramic pot, etched and stained with iron oxide. Inside is glazed.

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Deb Head
High-fire clay, glaze, leather

Method to make described in Mr. Bennett sculpture below. This piece was sold to Magic Mountain amusement park. Does anyone know if it's still there?

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Mr. Bennett
Unfired clay

This piece was done by having Mr. Bennett bear the heat and weight of plaster (plus losing a little hair when the plaster was pulled from his face.) Straws up the nose provided air during the plaster curing process - not something to be done by the claustrophobic! After the plaster has dried, clay is pressed into the mold. After the clay dries a bit, it is pulled from the plaster resulting in what you see here. In private collection.